Treatments & Fees


Holt Footcare provides professional assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all foot and lower leg problems and concerns.

As a medically trained Podiatrist, Odele can provide a variety of treatments, including:

  • Corns & Callouses (Hard Skin)

  • Heek Cracks/Fissures

  • In-growing toe nails

  • Thickened & fungal nails

  • Verrucae & Chilblains

  • Diabetic feet (as well as monitoring & assessment)

  • Heel Pain/Plantar Fascitis

  • Biomechanical examinations for sporty, walkers, dancers or children’s feet

  • Childhood development biomechanics

  • Supply of Orthotics and insoles

  • Toe nail reconstruction for damaged/lost nails

Professional Podiatry £48 First Podiatry treatment – £55

First treatment to discuss and treat your foot concerns.The Podiatrist can also carry out an initial anatomical and circulatory assessment of your feet.If needed your nails can be cut and filed (and reduced in thickness by drill if needed). Hard skin and corns and callous can be painlessly debrided with a sterile scalpel and foot cream applied, leaving your feet looking and feeling great. Your first treatment appointment may take longer so that an assessment and any further treatment and advice can be discussed.Further Podiatry appointments are charged at £48 if we see you again within a 12 week period,if longer time between appointments then the £55 will apply.

Nail Cutting appointment – from £32

this will be booked after your inital Chiropody/Podiatry treatment and you are seen within a 12 week period.Price depends on time required

Professional nail polish application- £15

After your Podiatry/ Chiropody or nail cut appointment, we can apply a base coat, 2 layers of Orly polish in a variety of colours and a Top Coat for a lasting finish. You can also bring in your own favourite colour for Odele to apply.

Biomechanical Examination & Gait Analysis – from £95

Have you got aches and pains in your feet? A biomechanical examination could help you find out why. Your walking/gait pattern will be assessed along with the range and quality of motion of your hips, knees, leg and feet bones. Depending on the Podiatrists findings, an orthotic/insole may be prescribed to re-balance your natural walking/gait pattern. If a cast is taken then there is an extra £10 charge

Medical Pedicure using Margaret Dabbs Products – £75

a luxury treatment for a totally pampering experience-footspa,nail and cuticle treatment,exfoliation,hard skin removal, and massage.

Verruca treatment -from £55 initial consultation

Advice and appropriate treatment for your verruca. We can offer Cryotherapy freezing, stronger acid treatments that you can’t buy over the counter, and Homeopathic treatments. Also the new Verrutop application which causes little discomfort.Courses of treament are needed.

Cosmetic nail enhancement/reconstruction – from £70

Cosmetic nail reconstruction with LCN Wilde Pedique for people who have lost their nails or want to disguise deformed/fungal infected nails. Ideal for summertime and lasts many weeks/months